Broadflow partners with AWS to deliver advanced cloud-based solution

Managed Infrastructure

Reduce maintenance costs and system downtime by using a managed service for video surveillance and life safety. AWS global infrastructure and Broadflow's service layer provide all of the server and storage technology needed to achieve consistent uptime that is secure and redundant.

Secure VSaaS


Secure your remote stream using end-to-end encryption. Your video and life safety data is encrypted before it is sync'd to the cloud, and all sensitive data is encrypted on the database and storage level.

Reduce maintenance costs


Cloud workload operating models are characterized as OpEx vs CapEx. Instead of making substantial investments in infrastructure up front, moving to a SaaS based model gives business owners the flexibility to invest.

Hard drive redundancy


Maintain complete control of your video surveillance and life safety data without depending on local vendors. Your data is stored redundantly to protect against hard drives failures, which are known to occur often.