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Does Broadflow provide end-to-end encryption for cloud video surveillance?

Broadflow offers two levels of security. You can choose which type is right for you based on your business needs.

1) The first option is for cameras that are not streaming anything too sensitive. Upon configuring your camera in the Streams Cloud application, the cloud servers will “pull” in your video stream. As soon as it reaches our servers, everything gets encrypted. All of our infrastructure is encrypted, from the network to the storage volumes and databases. This provides a high level of security for recorded video and playback.

2) Broadflow offers an
end-to-end encryption solution that requires connecting the Streams Bridge to your local network. The Streams Bridge will fully encrypt your video streams before streaming them over the network into the cloud. Aside from purchasing the Bridge appliance itself, there is no additional cost.

How can I ensure my surveillance system is streaming securely?
For the highest level of security we recommend connecting the Streams Bridge to your local network. This will provide full encryption from your home or office network into AWS data centers.
How is my video protected if I don’t use a Streams Bridge?
All of your video is encrypted before it is stored in the cloud. Communication between the cloud servers and your web browser use HTTPS and provide encryption in transit so you can securely view your recorded video.
How can I protect my account from unauthorized use?
Enable 2FA on your account, and enforce it across your user base. 2FA allows you to add an SMS number to your account, requiring additional SMS verification prior to gaining access to your dashboard.
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