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What is a Device Notification Schedule?

To configure notifications on your security cameras several considerations must be made.

1. Who should receive the notifications?

We call these persons recipients. Recipients can be added through your dashboard. You will need to provide the recipient’s email address and mobile phone number if these will be used to receive notifications. Recipients must verify their email address and mobile phone number in order for them to receive notifications over these communication channels.

2. When should a given recipient receive notifications?

Many businesses work in shifts. Perhaps some recipients work the day shift, while others work the night shift. When creating a notification schedule, select the days and times as needed. A business with multiple work shifts can have multiple notification schedules to prevent off-shift recipients from being alerted at the wrong time.

Schedules are used to control which recipients receive a given device notification at a given point in time.

3. How should the notification be sent to the recipient?

These are called outbound channels. After Broadflow servers receive a notification from a device, it must then determine where to send it, e.g. SMS, email, Slack, etc.

4. Additional Routing Rules (OPTIONAL)

For further control, Tag Management allows the user to automatically look for attachments, or certain terms in the message subject and body. Define as many tags as you need to build your own intelligent device notification parser.

Here are some examples of different scenarios:

  • When the Hallway Camera detects motion

    • If it is between 9AM and 5PM on Monday - Friday

      • Send an email to Recipient 1, 2 and 3

      • Send an SMS to Recipient 2

      • Post a message in the Slack channel called “Daily Issues”

    • If it is after 5PM on Monday - Wednesday

      • Send an SMS to Recipient 4 and 7

      • Post a message in the Microsoft Teams channel called “Urgent Alerts”

    • If it is a Saturday

      • Log the event

      • Do not forward it to any recipients

  • If an Abnormal Temperature is detected

    • If it is between 9AM and 2PM on Monday or Thursday

      • Send an SMS to Recipient 12, 13 and 17

      • Send an Email to Recipient 12, 13, 14, 15, 16 and 17

      • ...