Broadflow | Features

Security & Life Safety Features

Business-user-centric features designed to reduce the management overhead associated with your day to day business operations and security.

Securely stream and manage your IoT Devices

Sensor Monitoring

Low cost IoT sensor monitoring to record real-time streaming metrics sucg as temperature, humidity and energy consumption.

Device Notifcations

Receive customized notifications from security cameras and any device that supports Onvif, SMTP or SNMP.


Tagging is a powerful tool that lets business users set rules to categorize notifications and alerts and run automated actions.

Video Sharing

Share video clips with law enforcement and your team while setting expiration times to control access. Access analytics included.

Live Streaming

View real-time feeds of your security cameras on your desktop, tablet or mobile device. Via web, TV or native mobile.


Voice as a notification channel can be used for mass voice calling in the event of an emergency or crisis.


2-factor authentication keeps your recorded video, data and device settings safe by adding an additional authentication layer.


Create custom schedules for your devices to notify the desired set of recipients when desired conditions are met.


Add multiple recipients to your device schedules in order to manage who receives notifications, through which channels and when.


Add SMS notification support to your existing security camera system using Broadflow Streams device workflows.

Audit Log

Maintain a record of all system and device-level changes for compliance and security management.


Unlimited Slack notifications to monitor your devices in private and public channels.

Google Maps

Map your device locations out geographically.

Floor Plans

Upload multiple floor plans for each of your device locations and track real-time events visually.

Microsoft Teams

Feed device notifications into public and private channels and include conditional rules for routing.

Webpage Stream Embed

Embed your live security camera feed in your websites and stream video over the Cloudfront CDN to unlimited viewers.


Connect your existing infrastructure monitoring solution to Broadflow's service layer for real-time alerts.


Provide your own incoming webhook URL to route any subset of notifications to your custom application.

Video Playback

Playback cloud recorded video in the browser with a timeline marked by system and device events.

Vault Storage

Permanently store video clips in your 2GB Vault for long term access and to meet corporate compliance requirements.