Broadflow delivers software defined physical security infrastructure, on-prem and in the cloud.
Record your security cameras in the cloud, maintain access control & point-of-sale integration and distribute device notifications.


By connecting your device infrastructure to the AWS cloud, much of the painful and expensive maintenance and management work gets abstracted away. Focus on business objectives, and let Broadflow and AWS take care of your device infrastructure. With cloud infrastructure, SMBs and enterprise customers can shift from CapEx to Opex, with dramatic cost savings. Moreover, by not getting locked into physical hardware purchases that rapidly depreciate in value, take comfort knowing that the Broadflow networks and servers you are relying upon are continuously upgraded with new features and enhancements.


End-to-end encryption and highly redundant stortage solutions.


If we don't currently support integration with your system, we'll build it for you.


Tracking your assets has just become easier. Leverage your existing CCTV infrastructure to integrate barcode and RFID tag scans with video clips. Searching for a package? Just enter the barcode ID to access video clips of every relevant scan event.

Access control systems can take advantage of CCTV integration by providing immediate access to video footage associated with every card swipe. If we don't currently support your ACS, we'll build it out just for you.

Broadflow Scans can be used
with most CCTV systems.

Onvif compliant CCTV solutions will tightly integrate
with Scans Point-of-Sale and ACSx modules.

Scans makes
CCTV integration
highly accessible
and extensible.
Streams brings all of your systems together

Broadflow brings harmony
to your devices

Managing scheduled notifications has never been easier. Don’t worry about creating an SMTP server,
setting up SMS messages or feeding your notifications into Slack – Streams takes care of it for you.

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