Broadflow develops software-defined physical security solutions

Physical security as a software service

Cloud and on prem device abstraction for next-level accessibility and security.

Exacqvision Integration
Hanwha Integration
Milestone Integration
Hikvision Integration
Axis Integration
Cisco Integration
Twilio Integration
Identicard Integration
Honeywell Integration
Panasonic Integration
Bosch Integration
Avigilon Integration
Pagerduty Integration
Microsoft Team Integration
Slack Integration
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Access your cameras on your desktop

Camera on desktop

Fully responsive

Camera on mobile

Cloud / On-prem

Cost Effective

The up-front costs associated with managing and maintaining video surveillance systems are substantial. The network video servers, hard drives and storage expanders are all depreciating assets. The inevitable wear and tear results in maintenance costs that increase over the lifetime of the system.


End-to-end encryption means your video is secure when it leaves your facility, while it's stored in AWS data centers and when it is later retrieved by a human using a web browser or the mobile app. Deploying the Streams Bridge wraps your video in a secure TLS/SSL session so that privacy is assured.


Broadflow's cloud services are hosted by AWS and are thus capable of massive scale. We decided to focus on delivering value rather than trying to squeeze a few pennies by managing data centers. The infrastructure is continuously upgraded alongside new feature releases and video processing improvements.

Technology Partners

Broadflow Streams is built on a stack of amazing technologies and frameworks that have enabled us to focus on physical security as a software service for businesses of all sizes.


Principled Product Development

No-fluff security and management solutions delivered directly to SMB & enterprise customers.

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Device Notifications

Send notifications directly from your camera, DVR, NVR or other hardware platform.

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Cloud Surveillance

Plug your cameras directly into the cloud for unlimited scale and storage.

Access Control Integration

Integrate with your existing access control system to add an additional layer of security.


POS system integration is due for an update. Link any transaction point with any camera.

Package Video Search

Integrate high frequency barcode scanning operations with CCTV to find packages with ease.

Livestream into your Website

Generate a code snippet to securely embed any of your security cameras as a live feed into your website.

Custom Designed Solutions

Your business has unique qualities & requirements that we align with your security.

Coming soon to the iOS App Store and Google Play for Android

A cloud VMS with a native feel. With support for H264 and H265/HEVC.

Demo devices

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